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"A lot of fun!"

- Newark Star-Ledger

"Nearly flawless!"

- Inside Pulse

"Whimsical and fun!"

- The Onion A.V. Club

To visit the ESPN 30 For 30 site for Silly Little Game, click

Silly Little Game was part of ESPN’s prestigious 30 For 30 documentary series. I produced the film, which was directed by two brilliant young scamps, Lucas Jansen and Adam Kurland.

In order to recount the origins of the fantasy sports phenomenon, the film was painstakingly designed and shot to immerse the viewer in a kind of storytelling fantasy, capturing the irreverent spirit of Rotisserie League Baseball’s creators in 1980.

The clips below describe the League’s first season, and the schemes of its most ruthless player, Lee Eisenberg, who was, depending on whom you ask, either “human scum” or just “a swine.”

The first season

Lee was pure evil